The Name: Yakushi

Yakushi Nyorai is the Japanese name of the Medicine Buddha. He symbolizes the healing aspect of Buddha. The Lapis lazuli color stands for healing energy. For us the choice of name reflects the deep Asian roots of our traditional medicine, the energies of compassion and loving-kindness that are the essence of helping, and the intervening nature of health and sickness, healer and patient, body and mind, ailment and cure. The word “holistic” stresses the same point. Neither any part or aspect of us nor any one of us is independent of everything else. When we work together to heal one person we are working to heal all beings.

Balanced Energy = Health, Wellness & Beauty

The Whole Person Paradigm

There are many ways to look at a human being. Body parts, chemical processes, genes, psyche and body, health, wellness, and beauty. We firmly believe that looking at any one aspect without considering the whole will most likely fall short of achieving real results. Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as modern holistic approaches offers the frameworks to regard the whole being without getting lost in complexity.  As a model it mostly boils down to energies. When those are well-balanced, available in the right quantities, and flowing unhindered, health, wellness, and beauty will manifest as a result.


There is more to health than not being (very) sick. The absence of symptoms alone is not conclusive. Health as stated above is a dynamic equilibrium. Restoring and preserving health is our main focus. All our treatments, and other products and services serve that purpose. True wellness and beauty are results of health. However, relaxation, stress relief, and skin treatments can contribute significantly to gaining and retaining the equilibrium that is health. If they are in the right context, they will be applied with the knowledge of the whole being.


Whether a patient comes with a straightforward acute symptom or with a long-standing and complex, chronic, syndrome, we start with a thorough diagnosis and consultation. Because even when in an acute situation the symptoms need to be treated, e.g., to reduce a swelling, or alleviate pain, the underlying causes need to be ad dressed in order for the healing to be more than a temporary relief. Based on the diagnosis we devise an explicit treatment plan, combining therapy and prevention, including treatments as well as self-treatment coaching and patient empowerment. This potentially entails exercises, nutrition therapy, and training / education

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