Medical Check-up (TRM_Traditional Medicine), Diagnosis & Consultation.We use pulse as well as tongue diagnosis to gain a comprehensive understanding of a client’s energetic make-up and the state of the organs. This is augmented by an anamnesis to gather insight into the client’s understanding of their health by looking at both physical and mental/emotional aspects. Your eating and other personal habits, stress levels, and general life situation will be considered as much as your health history as we regard the person as a whole and never only a single insolated part, no matter how obvious the problem may appear.We will together devise a treatment plan together entailing as needed physical/energy treatments at Yakushi Center self treatments (as homework),phytotherapy, and dietary recommendations. (This step may need somepreparations on our part if the picture isn’t immediately clear, and may happen in aseparate session.)As different meridians are dominant over the course of a year we recommend to doregular seasonal check-up since these seasons are defined according to the lunarcalendar, and they are not usually fixed in the normal calendar year. Please refer to our newsletters (email) to learn as a change of season approaches.


TRM’s herbal medicine uses single or compound ingredients, from herbs and other sources (e.g. minerals and animal products) for balancing/regulating (e.g. energies), but can also be used for the other two treatment types (see general explanation of TRM). The therapy achieves its effects either through the external (skeletal and energy system) or internal body (organs or viscera). Phytotherapy can used as a stand-alone treatment, but is most powerful in combination with other methods.Depending on the indication the medicine may both be applied orally or externally.


Moxibustion, or Moxa, uses heat of burning herbs (Artemisia vulgarism, or Mugwort) on or near the points of meridians to stimulate or balance the energies. It is often combined with acupuncture to increase the treatment’s effectively. Moxa is most commonly used for problems associated with win or ‘cold’, or yang deficiency.


As preventative and supportive technique, both acupressure and shiatsu can be applied for relief of stress and tensions, energizing treatments, or invigoration. The details of each treatment are determined by the client’s need, preferences, and the requirements of the overall treatment plan.


Cupping uses the heat and suction effect caused by the vacuum created when burning small amount of alcohol in a small glass placed on the skin. It disperses harmful energies, stimulates stagnant energies, and increases circulation in the area treated.Cupping is often used for respiratory issues (like bronchitis and asthma), and pain syndromes.


Acupuncture uses thin, sharp needles (that generally cause no pain when they come into contact with the skin) on the points of the meridians or trigger points to remove energy blockages, dissipate negative external factors or balance the energy.E.g. for excessive heat the therapist applies high frequencies on the needle after puncturing (i.e. with electrical current or through manipulation).  Depending on the indication, the needles stay in the body for a certain period of time (usually between five and forty-five minutes).

NOTE: Yakushi Center tries to avoid using animal products as we are committed to protect life. If there are other substances available or if the effect of an animal product is not certain we will refrain from prescribing substances that have been produced causing suffering and that thus bring the suffering into the patients’ body and mind.