Lymphatic drainage massage is a delicate form of massage which stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving metabolism, helping the body eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system. The lymphatic massage is responsible for helping fluid and waste leave the body and for regulating the immune system. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, fluid builds up and stagnates, causing the entire system to become toxic, making us feel sluggish and more susceptible to viral or contagious diseases. By stimulating this system through massage, it works more efficiently which in turn boosts the immune system, clears blockage, eliminates toxins, transports nutrients to cells and increases the metabolism.


Aromatherapy Massage the beneficial effects of essential oil with therapeutic or relaxing massage, both chosen according to the client’s health needs and the context of the overall treatment plan.

Essential oils have three major effects on human being .The scents are activating the limbic system in the brain gently affecting moods, state of mind , etc…The oils have direct antiseptic and other biochemical properties that can help in many cases. And, lastly, in the context of TCM, essential oils are connected with system of meridian and energies and can be used to support other types of treatment.

The massage technique used aromatherapy massage vary and can be adapted to suit the client’s therapeutic needs.


A cellulite massage can reduce and remove the cellulite tissues. It also increases the blood circulation to that area resulting in the toxins being flushed out using the bodies’ natural waste system. The massage technique involves a combination of rubbing, kneading, and twisting the cellulite prone areas. Once the area is stimulates and warm enough, this is when the fat cells and toxins start to break down and dissolve.


A greatly energizing massages using the thermal healing power of heated basalt stones. The high level of iron and magnesium in the stones allows them to release heat slowly to work where the body needs it. Increasing circulation so that nutrients reach the cells in the body more quickly. This treatment is also great for detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys so they can work more efficiently. One massage stroke of the stone is as beneficial as ten massage strokes by hand, bringing both the physical benefits of relaxation and pain relief, as well as the mental benefits of stress relief and relaxation.


Modern Shiatsu is a technique using pressure on both point on the meridians and directly on areas above organs, glands, etc… Thus it is the self-healing powers of the body’s own systems, effecting e.g. skin, central nervous system, endocrine system and body fluid circulation on top of the classic TRM treatment effects. It is most common used for detoxifying, treatment of pain syndrome and insomnia, and as an enhancement of other techniques.


The Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body accomplished by rubbing the muscle with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. It’s beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle, toxin improving circulation & flexibility.


Skills developed from a combination of Western and Eastern approaches (reflexology, skeletal and muscular system, theory in meridians and collaterals);

It is safe and efficient, using for a variety of conditions such as muscular tension accumulated from daily activities, wrong posture, sport, stress management and stress-related conditions.


A mixed form using some techniques in Tuina (kneading, squeezing, rolling, stretching as well as acupressing on the points in the meridians) combined with some techniques in Swedish massage to achieve similar results as deep tissue massage, sport massage. It is indicated for almost all conditions.

NOTE: Yakushi Center tries to avoid using animal products as we are committed to protect life. If there are other substances available or if the effect of an animal product is not certain we will refrain from prescribing substances that have been produced causing suffering and that thus bring the suffering into the patients’ body and mind.